Super Saturday! The joys of feeling like a hero

Seek and you shall find.

My mantra of choice to describe my super discovery Saturday with Dave…

For those who want something badly enough, they get it. On Saturday, in typical Brit-abroad style, Dave and I wanted nothing more than a night on the peeve. Which for those of you who might have been to Bari before, seems a bit of a challenge. We were aware most of the watering holes here double up as restaurants so the desire to get completely messed up as one would back in the UK is slightly smaller. But, we wanted a taste of home so badly we didn’t mind taking one for the team and becoming ‘those’ people that everyone stares at in disgust. It is Christmas after all!

We took the bus into Bari Centro and made our way towards Bari vecchia. The first place serving alcohol we found, we went in and ordered some beers. We knew how the night would escalate when we decided not to eat and replace dinner with more beer.


We wandered into a few different bar/restaurants and embraced feeling like true Englishmen, sipping our beers with victory. Those who want to get drunk…shall get drunk. And boy did we…



At some point in the night we ended up in Bohemien, a jazz club here which often has live music playing. We were lucky as there was a band playing the mighty PRINCE. Ideal.There were also a lot more choice tunes banging out as I vividly remember my feet burning in my heels from dancing the night away alongside drunk bopping Italians. I think there was a bit of 80’s magic blaring and rock pop circulating the room.



I know we had sambucca. I know there was beer, lots and lots of beer.

I vaguely remember feeling like I was in the Bourbon Club from Rock of Ages as an older, less attractive, Italian version of Stacee Jaxx did this thing on stage.

We laughed, we danced and had ourselves a well deserved congratulatory night after surviving 3 months in Italy, in our new school, in our new life.

Once the band had finished playing, they came up to the bar to get themselves a few drinks. In drunken style I decided it was only fair they knew we enjoyed it and then in turn, they ended up listening  to me babbling on about why were here in Bari, who were are, what we do and plugging Dave’s musical talents.

They were so unbelievably friendly and although, the alcohol had seeped through my brain by this point, making me unable to remember the conversations and just how embarrassing I probably was. Although my array of selfies will forever give me fond memories of our first proper drunken night in Bari!


We left the club once the lights had been turned on. Success!

We got completely disorientated in the streets of Bari and after walking miles, admitted we hadnt the foggiest idea where we were. Failure!

My stinging feet could walk no longer and after what seemed like miles of endless streets and apartment blocks, I decided to let the fear kick in and visions of a night on the Bari streets was all too overwhelming. As if sent by my guardian angel, an inconspicuous little car came tootling by- so, with Dave’s approval I stopped the car and in drunken slurs somehow communicated that we needed to get home and gave our address. Poor Francesco the hero, wherever you are kind sir, thank you wholeheartedly for not being a serial killer, rapist, terrorist, drug deal or a mixture of all the above. You generously took us home for free and tolerated our drunken “Italian”.


I woke up the next day with a killer hangover. EPIC!