A standard, well deserved rant


Why is it, that despite being part of multinational companies, you claim you are unable to offer loyal customers a package which will not incur ridiculous costs when we travel overseas?

My bright spark idea was to reduce my tariff to £10 a month and I expected to pay maybe £10 extra when friends and family use my English number… WRONG! 

I have been paying on average £80 a month!! And for what?! Family email and use my Italian number, my friends don’t text me! EE are so wonderfully technologically gifted that their website conveniently tells me that I am not able to track my data usage- despite the fact I only ever use wifi so there shouldn’t be anything to track?

My heart is broken, I am poor, paying an arm and a leg for a service I barely use and cannot resolve the issue with EE as they only have a telephone number  and no email address for me to explain my problems without a cheeky 30 minute wait on hold! 

Ahh the perks of modern life! Sometimes I wonder, would we all be happier without mobile phones? I know they offer us a life line and boredom boosters but the cost of our tariffs rack up some serious coin. Hard earned working beans that could be spent on a holiday, new clothes, glorious Italian food…

RANT OVER!!! Share if you agree! 


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